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Welcomers Group

Welcomers are at all weekend Masses and many other Masses. They wear a green welcomers sash.

You can ask them for any information or help.

As you enter the Church, they will offer you a Mass Book, a Hymn Book as well as a Parish Newsletter (Angelus). They may give out other items and information sheets as appropriate, this will usually be as you leave at the conclusion of the Mass.

As part of their duties, they try to ensure that the Mass is conducted in an orderly fashion so that all can hear. This may mean that late-comers are asked to wait until there is a suitable pause - i.e. not whilst someone is speaking from the sanctuary.

We politely ask that those attending the Mass should not walk or move around during certain important parts of the Mass, i.e. The Readings, The Homily, And especially during the Consecration. This is to allow those in the congregation to fully concentrate and participate in the Mass.

If you need to use the facilities, we ask to you wait until there is a suitable pause before returning to your seat. The Welcomers will help to encourage those at the Mass to follow this request.

They may also suggest that if you have a potentially noisy baby or young child, that you might like to go to the Lady Chapel, where it is relatively sound proof, or stay in the Narthex. (The Narthex is often called a Porch, but a narthex is part of the church and not an addition)

Some of their duties include the Offertory Collection during Mass. They will either carry out this function themselves, or they may ask some of the congregation to assist them. Maybe you can help!

If you want the priest to do anything for you, it is always best to write it down. He sees many people over a very short space of time so may well forget each request.
NB. If you want a Mass offered ask a Welcomer for one of the envelopes.

If you wish to register with the parish, please ask for a Registration Form (A). Once you have filled it in, you may give it to one of the welcomers who will ensure that it goes to the right person. Once you have handed in the form, one of the Priests or the Deacon may phone you to come to see you at home if you have noted on the form you would like a vist.

We love to bless people's homes.

If you interested in becoming part of the Welcoming Team, please talk to one of the other Welcomers who will be happy to help, or you could speak to one of the Priests or the Deacon.


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