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Parish Awards

Fideliter Servienti Award

The 'Fideliter Servienti' Award was established by Archbishop Peter Smith as a way of recognising the long and faithful work which is done by so many people in the diocese. The Award is a way for the Archbishop to show his appreciation and gratitude for all work that those selected have done for their Parishes, the Diocese, and the Universal Church.

There is a strict criteria for granting this award, and parishes are generally limited to only two or three in a year. This can be changed in exceptional circumstances, as was the case for us at Our Lady of Sorrrows, when we were granted five awards at one time. This was an exceptional circumstance because it was the Sesquincentenial (150th) Anniversary of our Parish.

Parish Recognition Award

The 'Parish Recognition Award' was established by the Very Rev. Fr. Richard Diala, CM, Parish Priest of Our Lady of Sorrows at the 150th Anniversary Celebrations of the parish on 8th October 2017. The award is to recognise those members of our parish who have given dedicated service to the parish community in one way or another.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give everyone an award, as there are so many people who do good and charitable work for the parish, but it is hoped that the presentation of these certificates will be an annual event at the Feast Day of Our Lady of Sorrows where the whole parish community comes together to pray, give thanks to God, shared the Holy Eucharist, and to celebrate as one family, and one community.

Parish Appreciation Award

The 'Parish Appreciation Award' was established by the Very Rev. Fr. Richard Diala, CM, Parish Priest of Our Lady of Sorrows, on 16th October 2017. He wanted to show his appreciation to the younger members of the parish community for their outstanding commitment and service to the parish.

It is also a way of recognising the personal achievement of those who have not only served the parish, but have also achieved very well in their academic studies.

With the presentation of the award, it is hoped that by their example, it will inspire and show the youth of the parish, that they too, can serve God both in the church, in the community, and in excelling in their studies.


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