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Liturgy Committee

The spiritual development of a parish is of utmost importance, and to this end, a Parish is better supported by the formation of a Liturgy Committee to assist the Priests and Deacon in their role in fostering the spiritual life of the parish family within Liturgical Celebrations.

The Liturgy Committee's mandate in Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church is to enhance, encourage, inspire and strengthen the faith life of parishioners and their experience of God's church in liturgical celebrations.

The Liturgy Committee works under the guidance of the Parish Priest Very Rev. Fr. Richard Diala, CM and the Assistant Priest Rev. Fr. Vincent George, CM supported by the Parish Deacon, Rev. Alfred-Joseph Banya. The Committee is made up of various people within the parish community who offer a wide range of gifts and represents the diversity of the parish. Those on the committee are appointed by the Parish Priest who retains the final decision on suggestions, comments and recommendations that the group makes.

The Liturgy Committee meets on a regular basis to assess, evaluate and feedback on the following roles, liturgical and sacramental activities that take place in the parish:

Sacramental Programmes.

     •   Baptism
     •   Confirmation
     •   First Holy Communion
     •   R.C.I.A.
     •   Anointing of the Sick
     •   Marriage
     •   Children's Liturgy


     •   Catechists
     •   Altar Servers
     •   Lectors
     •   Musicians/Choir
     •   Welcomers
     •   Ushers
     •   Offertory Collectors
     •   Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP)
     •   Ladies of Charity (AIC)
     •   Legion of Mary

The purpose of the regular evaluation of all the above is to help and improve their planning and the delivery.

The Liturgy Committee also discusses and plans for the events and activities associated with the different liturgical times of events throughout the year, such as Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter as well the celebration of various Feast Days and other celebrations.

The Liturgy Committee seeks to encourage participation in liturgical activities, whether joint or individual, from the various groups within the parish. It also promotes the development of the devotional life of the parish through:

     •   Eucharistic Adoration
     •   Stations of the Cross
     •   Marian Solemnities
     •   Divine Mercy
     •   Pentecost Programmes

If you have any comments, suggestions or would like to know more about the role of the Liturgy Committee, please contact the Parish Priest, Assistant Priest or Parish Deacon through the Parish Office.


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