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Knights of St Columba

Who are we?

We are an organised body of Catholic men who are joined as a fraternity, giving total loyalty to the Holy See and worshipping together helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

We are a way of life, in Charity, Unity and Fraternity, working through our local groups who are present in most towns throughout the United Kingdom.

We work both as individual local groups and together on a national scale, while at the same time linking with other Orders in the International Alliance of Catholic Knights.

The local council 117 was established in Peckham in 1926. It is one of the longest standing councils. Six reasons why you should join the Knights

It will help with the work that you have always wanted to do.
It will increase your spiritual life.
It will increase your circle of friends.
It will mean that the Knights' voice, speaking as one, will be your voice.
It is a 'way of life' that will suit you.
It will help you do something good for God

Are you interested in...

The Family?
The Sanctity of Human Life?
Social Justice?
Justice and Peace?
The Third World?
b Could you like to be involved in...

amily social activities?
A wider circle of like minded friends?
Local and national charitable events?

Would you like to be...

Part of a national as well as a local organisation?
Involved in things that interest you?
Be one in Charity, Unity and Fraternity with your friends?

...then be a Knight of St. Columba!

For further information, contact the Knights of St. Columba via their website:

Web link for Knights of St. Columba Competitions:

Knights of St. Columba Competitions.


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