****    The Cafe Thrift (Ladies of Charity [AIC] Food Bank/Clothes Bank) is open on Tuesdays 10.00 a.m. until 1.00 p.m. entrance in Friary Road, small black gate.    **    The AIC is always in need of donations of clothes and food. Please place them in the boxes at the back of the church or hand to one of the parish representatives. Thank you for your kind generosity. **    The Mothly AIC meeting will be on Thursday, 8th December, 2016. ****

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Index Parish Groups Ladies of Charity (AIC) - Peckham

Ladies of Charity (AIC) - Peckham.

"Acting together against all forms of poverty"

The AIC, (International Association of Charities), also known as The Ladies of Charity, is a worldwide lay organisation which is part of the Vincentian Family. It was formed by St. Vincent de Paul and is composed of mainly women. The Ladies of Charity (AIC) was the first Foundation of St. Vincent de Paul in 1617. Their role, or task is to combat poverty in all forms.

The AIC UK aims to respond to situations of poverty by ensuring that member's availability, skills and resources are utilised where they are most needed.

St. Vincent de Paul had a firm method which he used when organising his first Charity, this he did while ministering in a small village in France.

His method was to :

   ♦ Identify a need and remedy it by working imaginatively and sensitively.

   ♦ Organise well from the outset

   ♦ Assign responsibilities according to the talents of each member.

   ♦ Encourage team work.

   ♦ Insist on regular attendance, giving an account of services rendered and
      money received and spent.

   ♦ Evaluate by asking the question; "How well are these poor people being

"Charity" volunteers were considered by St. Vincent de Paul to have a special 'Grace' in their vocation to serve the poor.

As with those first members, AIC members today have demands made upon them to continue this 'Grace' which are :

   ♦ To discern prayerfully with common sense and good advice.

   ♦ To prepare well according to the need, their time and talents,
      while avoiding waste of energy and burn out.

   ♦ To work willingly, without seeking personal gain or gratification.

   ♦ To be committed, supportive and a good team player.

   ♦ To serve sensitively and effectively.

   ♦ To evaluate reflectively.

   ♦ And to be loyal to the AIC.

While keeping within the teachings, instructions and goals of the AIC, each parish works according to what is needed at a local level.

In Peckham, and in keeping with "Acting together against all forms of poverty" the The Ladies of Charity (AIC) - Peckham have opened a Food Bank and a Clothes Bank.

The Food Bank is available to those who are in most need and this is assessed on a personal basis in discussion with the individual and a designated perosn from The Ladies of Charity (AIC) - Peckham or the Parish Priest. All discussions are in the strictest confidence.

The Clothes Bank is also available to those who are in most need and offers clothes, kindly donated by parishioners.

There is an opportunity for clothes to be purchased at a small cost by those in need, where they have the means or want to pay. This again can be assessed and discussed with a person from The Ladies of Charity (AIC) - Peckham or the Parish Priest.

The Ladies of Charity (AIC) - Peckham can also help by offering a friendly ear to listen to individuals who need someone to talk to. A person can come and have a friendly chat, in strictest confidence.

The Food Bank & Clothes Bank is called the "Café Thrift" and is open on Tuesdays; 10.00 a.m. until 1.00 p.m. in the lower part of the friary, via the rear entrance on Friary Road.

For these to operate successfully, The Ladies of Charity (AIC) - Peckham require donations of Food and Clothes. These donations can be placed in the appropriate boxes which are located in the Narthex (rear of the Church).

Clothes items need to be in good condition, washed, ironed and put into a bag and placed into the appropriate box at the back of the church.

Food items are also needed so please be generous. All food items must have an expiry date of at least one year. Regrettably we cannot accept perishable items as they are difficult to keep.

A thought for you to consider:
Maybe when you go shopping, you could buy an extra few items placed into a separate bag, or spend an extra few pounds on some items which would be purely for the Food Bank. In this way you can help in the charity mission of the AIC and parish in a regular way. A piece of charity work weekly.

If you would like more information about The Ladies of Charity (AIC) - Peckham, or may be interested in becoming a member, please contact The President of the Ladies of Charity via the Parish Office (details on contacts page), alternatively, you can speak to the Parish Priest or The Parish Deacon who can put you in touch with a respresentative of the Ladies of Charity (AIC) who can then help you.

The Ladies of Charity (AIC) - Peckham would like to extend a thank you for all the kind donations that have been given, as well as a thank you for all your future donations, whether they are regular donations or one time donations.

The Ladies of Charity (AIC) - Peckham are grateful for your co-operation in helping them in their vocation as they continue their work against all forms of poverty.

The official website for the AIC International is;



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